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Totally unique experience

Totally unique experience The Hua Chang Heritage Hotel is an impressive new building. Beautifully located next to the Chaleumla 56 Bridge, also known as the Hua Chang Bridge, the essence of the hotel is inspired by the New ?Thai Contemporary Style? , an exquisite blend of Western-influenced architecture and contemporary Thai design. This seven-storey building deeply embodies the nostalgic charm of King Rama V period architecture.

Period furniture and graceful interior design with Thai motifs in the lobby, as well as the light fixtures, are reminiscent of a diplomat's residence in the reign of the King Rama V. Private butlers, wearing traditional Thai costume, are on hand to provide personalised service and enhance a feeling of elegance.

Meanwhile, the hotels' stylish yet tranquil environment complimented by resort-like surroundings, including a tropical garden and pool, captures a true sense of relaxation.

Stepping into the hotel's lobby, guests are entering a world of luxury and friendly hospitality. Here, they can expect all the facilities and amenities of a truly top-class hotel. Personal butlers catering to all their needs give an added touch of luxury that will help make every day of their stay thoroughly enjoyable.

Staying at the Hua Chang Heritage Hotel, guests will enjoy an experience that seamlessly combines the grace and wonder of Thailand's past, its unique culture, and modern luxuries.

What's in a name?

The hotel's name is linked with Hua Chang Bridge (Elephant Head Bridge) to celebrate the bridge's long and colourful history. Spanning the Sansaap Canal on Phraya Thai Road, Hua Chang Bridge, officially known as the Chaleumla 56 Bridge, was built during the reign of King Rama V to commemorate his 56th birthday. King Rama V bore the name "Chaleumla" in honour of King Rama II and the number 56 was in respect to King Rama V's age.