Rooms & Suites

Staying in style

The Hua Chang Heritage Hotel offers three types of accommodation. With deluxe to premier deluxe rooms and suites, all 75 beautifully appointed guest rooms provide a luxury sanctuary where guests can relax and unwind. Each room is stylishly designed with modern décor in three different themes inspired by the colours of the Thai lotus: magenta, purple and cobalt blue - each creating a welcoming ambience. They are also furnished with fine furniture to ensure that every stay is always blissful.

One of the most notable features of guest rooms is that each bathroom comes with a high-tech electronic toilet seat that provides ultimate cleanliness and comfort for guests while helping eliminate the need for toilet paper, thereby, conserving trees.

Deluxe Room

At 32 square metres, deluxe rooms are compact, yet cosy, ideal for guests who enjoy having their own private space. All 28 deluxe rooms are imbued with an innovative design and décor complete with modern functions ...

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Premier Deluxe Room

Staying in a premier deluxe room is the perfect for both short and long-term stays. These 41 square-meter rooms will make more cozy and comfortable for guest and their loved ones. All forty-seven rooms with open-plan design ...

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All six suites are spacious and sumptuous. Occupying 80 square metres, each unit features a large living room and bed room. It's tastefully furnished with materials and features of exceptional quality. Marble floor tiles for instance ...

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